Germination Corps. : Growing in the Classroom

Germination Corps begins by partnering with some awesome teachers in their classrooms. Last May we worked with the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh and local schools on the Northside. Here I am asking the kids if they can tell me what “germination” means. We then embody the seed’s life cycle from germination to food production. All the arms in the air is an exciting site, just like leaves reaching for the sun. Wait until the rain comes!

In the classroom at Propel Northside

In the classroom at Propel Northside

Next comes movement exercises…we start out forming a seed shape and then growing…

being a seed before planting

being a seed before planting

Growing our roots down into the ground. Stomping is good!

with Propel Northside

with Propel Northside

Growing Kid Plants

The rain is coming! Better soak up the water with our roots!


We grow toward the sun and shake our leaves and stretch our stems.

IMG_1258Do a glad plant dance!


Bringing Plant Packs to Pittsburgh in May

Read all about it! Germination Corps. is coming to the North Side of Pittsburgh in May and working with some great schools and community groups in partnership with the Mattress Factory Museum of Art. We will create a colorful plant spectacular May 17th! read the article in NEXT:Pittsburgh

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.18.05 AM

Making Bags Growing Plants

Germination Corps. has been in Yancy County, North Carolina for 5 days and things are moving along at lightning speed here.

The gallery and studio is up and running at Green Plum Collaboratory in Spruce Pine. Stop in to see my work and make a plant backpack. I am there in the afternoons and the store hours are posted on the front door. Yesterday we had a number of community people come in, including a group of Montessori kids that looked around and investigated the plant backpack business.


Any one is welcome to come in and watch me working and is also invited to help make a plant backpack or two that will go in the big Dig In Yancy garden   field day on Saturday the 11th of May.  Also, Germination Corps. will be making bags at the Library in Burnsville, NC on the 11th from 10 to 1 p.m.  You can meet us there and then follow us to Dig In!